Seven Easy Ways to Ensure that Your Bling Really Shines

Clean jewelry

Diamonds rings are a classic accessory without compare. Whether in the form of an engagement ring or an anniversary memento, a diamond ring is truly something special. There’s no doubt that diamonds go with every outfit and can instantly elevate even the simplest look. It’s easy to understand why you love showing off your diamonds. […]

Keeping precious jewelry items safe during your travels

No matter the destination, travel is an exciting and meaningful experience, exposing you to new cities and cultures across the globe. But travel is not without risk: Your luggage could get lost, stolen, or damaged and with it precious items such as jewelry.According to the Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company, roughly 80 percent of women travel […]

Welcome to Rocky Mountain Gold and Silver Exchange

Engagement Ring

Welcome to Rocky Mountain Gold & Silver Exchange. We have been Albuquerque’s local source for jewelry for over 30 years. Over the years, we have acquired knowledge and experience to help us become the best in the area. At Rocky Mountain Gold & Silver Exchange, we do it all. We buy and sell gold, silver, large […]