Keeping precious jewelry items safe during your travels

No matter the destination, travel is an exciting and meaningful experience, exposing you to new cities and cultures across the globe. But travel is not without risk: Your luggage could get lost, stolen, or damaged and with it precious items such as jewelry.
According to the Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company, roughly 80 percent of women travel with jewelry in their luggage. Of those, 25 percent reported that they had lost one or multiple pieces of jewelry during their travels.
Despite those numbers, it’s relatively simple to avoid losing your jewelry or becoming a victim of theft. Here’s how to protect and secure your jewelry while traveling.
Keep Your Most Valuable Items at Home
Especially if you’re on a business trip or romantic getaway, you may be tempted to bring along your best, most expensive jewelry. While high-priced accessories may jazz up even a plain outfit, they can also attract the attention of thieves and pickpockets during your travels. It’s in your best interest to leave those expensive items at home.
If you’re like most people, you have several items of jewelry in your collection that have sentimental rather than monetary value. These should be treated the same way as jewelry that is expensive. During your travels, you may want to consider leaving valuable jewelry of all types at home to reduce the risk of the loss or theft of your favorite pieces.
The same tip goes for your wedding and engagement rings as well. If the thought of leaving your wedding band behind is upsetting, think about how you’ll feel if it’s lost or stolen. For peace of mind, you can consider wearing a less expensive ring in your wedding band’s place and rest easy knowing that it is safe at home.
No matter which pieces you’re bringing along on your vacation or business trip, you’ll have to leave them behind in your hotel or accommodations. In that case, you should put valuable items in a hotel safe. If you’re staying at a budget-friendly motel or airbnb that doesn’t have a safe for guest use, consider locking all your valuables, including jewelry, in a suitcase while you’re off exploring the city or countryside.
Pack Jewelry in a Mindful Manner
There are numerous ways to pack your jewelry so that it doesn’t get damaged or lost. One of most popular ways is using a travel jewelry roll, which is a portable storage bag that rolls up small and is the perfect size for your carry-on.
But you don’t have to spend much money to keep your jewelry organized while it’s part of your luggage. Store earrings and chain necklaces with small pendants in a weekly pill box that has various compartments. Or you can put different items in their own small plastic bags and use a large plastic zip-lock bag to hold the smaller bags, keeping your jewelry all in one place. Further, always carry your jewelry in your carry-on instead of a checked bag, since checked baggage is more likely to be lost by an airline.
The savvy traveler knows how to accessorize with minimal pieces. Bring along one pair of stud earrings, a pair of hoop earrings, and a necklace that can coordinate with multiple outfits. Minimalism is key if you want to keep your jewelry protected while traveling.
Plan Ahead and Invest in Jewelry Insurance
Protecting your jewelry starts before you embark on any journey. Once you’ve decided which pieces you’re bringing along, take photographs of those items. If they get lost or stolen, you’ll be able to show authorities exactly what they look like instead of providing a vague description. Having clear photos on hand could make the difference when it comes to being reunited with your lost or stolen jewelry.
You may also want to consider insuring your jewelry, especially if you’re bringing along high-priced items or wedding rings. Most types of homeowners insurance don’t cover items that are lost, damaged, or stolen while traveling, so it’s in your best interest to invest in jewelry insurance from a reputable broker. That way, if the worst-case scenario happens, you’re covered.
Be a Smart, Watchful Tourist
Depending on where your travels take you, there may be a high chance that you will encounter pickpockets. Pickpocket hotspots in Europe include Barcelona, Paris, Rome, and London. And those petty thieves aren’t just after your wallet or pocketbook but jewelry and watches as well.
To keep from attracting attention from pickpockets, avoid behavior that makes you look like a tourist. That includes carrying lots of luggage, appearing lost and consulting maps, and wearing kitschy souvenir tee-shirts.
When taking public transportation, especially a crowded subway or bus, remain watchful and keep valuable items in your front where you can see them. Avoid carrying backpacks, and keep your wallet in a zipped purse or your front pockets rather than rear.
Final Thoughts
You want to look your best while traveling, but carrying expensive jewelry on your journey can be risky. By only bringing along the essentials, keeping a watchful eye on your surroundings, and investing in jewelry or travel insurance, you can keep your jewelry safe and secure during your travels.
For more information about protecting your jewelry, get in touch with the professionals at Rocky Mountain Gold & Silver Exchange. We proudly serve Albuquerque, NM, and the surrounding areas, and our knowledgeable staff has plenty of tips for keeping your jewelry safe whether you’re at home, on the job, or on the road.

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